Certificate and AAS in Nuclear Power Technology

The courses in EPCE and Bismarck State College’s online Nuclear Power Technology (NUPT) program are:

  • Flexible to accommodate personal and professional schedules.
  • Offered every 8 weeks on a rotating schedule with the ability to enroll at any time

The technical courses in this online program can count towards an Associate’s of Applied Science (AAS) degree or Certificate in Nuclear Power Technology.  Those who successfully complete the AAS degree are also eligible for an NUCP Certificate.

Online Technical Courses for Program:

  • NUPT 101 – Overview of Nuclear Energy
  • NUPT 103 – Nuclear Mathematics Fundamentals*
  • NUPT 105 – Classical Physics*
  • NUPT 107 – Engineering Drawings, Diagrams, and Schematics
  • NUPT 109 – Electrical Science*
  • NUPT 111 – Instrumentation and Control*
  • NUPT 113 – Mechanical Science*
  • NUPT 213 – Nuclear Physics*
  • NUPT 215 – Nuclear Plant Chemistry*
  • NUPT 217 – Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow, and Thermodynamics*
  • NUPT 223 – Reactor Safety Design*
  • NUPT 225 – Nuclear Plant System Component Design and Function*

*indicates NUCP criteria

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AAS Degree Requirements

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Nuclear Power Technology requires 67 credit hours.

  • Technical program: 52 credit hours
  • General education: 15 credit hours
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Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in Nuclear Power Technology requires 56 credit hours.

  • Technical program: 52 credit hours
  • General education: 4 credit hours
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Non-Licensed Operator (NLO) Track Courses:

  • NUPT 219 – Material Science*
  • NUPT 221 – Science of Radiological Protection*
  • NUPT 220 – Reactor Theory
  • NUPT 227 – Conduct of Facility Operations

Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Track Courses:

  • ICTL 215 – Instrumentation Drawings & Documentation
  • ICTL 225 – Input & Output Devices
  • ICTL 235 – Motors & Controllers
  • NUPT 229 – Instrumentation & Control II*

Note: The I&C track may only be pursued by students currently employed in the nuclear power industry.

Nuclear Power Technology Program Designated as First Online NUCP-approved Program

EPCE is proud that the AAS in Nuclear Power Technology ia approved by the NUCP for the Non-Licensed Operator (NLO) and Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Technician tracks.  This is the first ever online education program to align with the NUCP. 

Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program (NUCP)

Learn how the industry has standardized education for entry-level careers in nuclear power

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