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Since 2000, the Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE) has offered timely and relevant online energy programs that meet the emerging needs of the energy industry. The EPCE coalition represents energy employers across the country working together to create, sponsor and offer easily accessible online education and training pathways for the energy workforce.

EPCE’s industry-endorsed education and training has helped thousands of individuals gain a competitive advantage. Learn about accomplishments of employees in the energy industry and get inspired to create your own success story!

Inspiring Success Stories

“When I work with the electrical system planning folks now, I have an appreciation and understanding of what they’re looking at in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”
Read Brian Majerowicz’s story.

“A lot of the professors at BSC aren’t just professors –they actually work in the industry in the field so they have the knowledge to really help you understand the material.”
Read Michelle Opon’s story.

“I loved the block style courses that BSC offered. It allowed me to focus on one class at a time – 100%.”
Read Vanessa Fritz’s story.

“I believe this degree will help to be more confident in any changes or challenges that will take me out of my comfort zone.”
Read Rigoberto Milla’s story.

“The classes have helped to extend my general plant and system knowledge, and I’ve been able to use a lot of that knowledge in my current operator training.”
Read Phillip Washington’s story.

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