Brian Majerowicz

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Principal Engineer, Substation Engineering, Baltimore Gas & Electric

Brian Majerowicz has spent a quarter of a century with Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE), and is currently a Principal Engineer for Substation Engineering.  He and his team are responsible for the substations throughout BGE’s service territory, as well as designing new substations, and it’s clear he loves what he does.  Though he earned his Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and his Master of Engineering degree, it had always been a personal goal for him to become a power systems engineer.  “Pursuing Electrical Power Engineering has always been something I’ve wanted to do, but between working full time and balancing married life with a family of four, it looked as though it was never going to be a reality.”

That’s why Brian was so thrilled when his employer, BGE, an EPCE Member, showcased the online EPCE-sponsored Master of Engineering in Power Systems Engineering through Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  The online format provided him with the flexibility he needed to pursue his dream.  “It was great because if I have to do school work from midnight to 2am or sneak in an hour after work, I could.  The flexibility is what made this possible.”

Brian has found his courses through Worcester Polytechnic Institute to be of the highest caliber.  “It’s just as technical if you’re sitting in class at the university.  You’re doing all the same math and the same curriculum – looking at power circuits and putting in switchers and breakers and transformers.”  Brian also felt the professors in the program were excellent at making themselves available to online students, with online office hours, online discussion boards, and the ability to contact a professor directly.

Currently, Brian is about a third of the way through the program and has already found ways to apply his newly gained knowledge to what he does in terms of substation design in regards to equipment analysis and power systems analysis.  He also found that he has developed a broader understanding of the bigger picture.  “When I work with the electrical system planning folks now, I have an appreciation and understanding of what they’re looking at in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”