Graduate Certificate in Power Systems Engineering

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) offers Graduate Certificates in Power Systems Engineering Protection and Control and Renewable and Distributed Power Systems. These certificates are highly-specialized for engineers looking to update their skills (specifically with regards to protection and control), and better position themselves for greater job responsibilities and promotions. If you are not sure you want to commit to a full certificate, you can take an individual course to try it out.

Protection & Control Certificate Requirements:

4 technical power courses (12 credit hours)

  • ECE 5500 – Power System Analysis
  • ECE 5511 – Transients in Power Systems
  • ECE 5521 – Protective Relaying
  • ECE 5522 – Advanced Applications in Protective Relaying
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Renewable & Distributed Power Systems Certificate Requirements:

5 to 6 technical courses (15-18 credit hours total)
  • ECE 5500 – Power System Analysis
  • ECE 5511 – Transients in Power Systems
  • ECE 5530 – Power Distribution
  • ECE 5520 – Power System Protection and Control
  • ECE 5521 – Protective Relaying*
  • ECE 5532 – Distributed and Renewable Power Generation
*You can take either/or ECE 5520 or ECE 5521
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Michael Bryson
Vice President
System Operations
PJM Interconnection

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Brian Majerowicz
Principle Engineer, Substation Engineering, Baltimore Gas and Electric