ME in Power Systems Engineering

The Master of Engineering in Power Systems Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) prepares electrical engineers for professional practice in the electric utility industry and is a great option for experienced engineers or those who want to reshape their careers.

Degree Requirements

10 courses, 30 credit hours. 21 total credit hours in ECE, this must include:

  • ECE 5500 – Power System Analysis

Choose up to 4 courses (12 additional credit hours) in Power Systems Engineering:

  • ECE 5511 – Transients in Power Systems
  • ECE 5512 – Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  • ECE 5520 – Power System Protection and Control
  • ECE 5521 – Protective Relaying*
  • ECE 5522 – Advanced Applications in Protective Relaying*
  • ECE 5523 – Power System Dynamics
  • ECE 5530 – Power Distribution
  • ECE 5531 – Power System Operation and Planning
  • ECE 5540 – Power Transmission
  • ECE 5532 – Distributed and Renewable Power Generation
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Choose up to 6 additional credit hours from:

  • any Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate course including any of the Power Systems Engineering courses listed above and
  • ECE 579S – Computer and Network Security

Choose up to 9 credit hours from any of the following:

Any graduate course in engineering, mathematics or science
Graduate management courses such as:
  • MIS 576 – Project Management
  • OBC 500 – Group and Interpersonal Dynamics in Complex Organizations
  • OIE 541 – Operations Risk Management
  • OIE 598E – Engineering Economics
  • BUS 598 – Energy Management
*Credit cannot be awarded for ECE 5521 & 5522 if credit for ECE 5520 has been earned.
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Michael Bryson
Vice President
System Operations
PJM Interconnection

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Principle Engineer, Substation Engineering, Baltimore Gas and Electric