Rigoberto Milla

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Power System Engineer

Since his graduation in 2008 from Florida International University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineer, Rigoberto Milla (Rigio) has been working for PJM as part of transmission operation department. His main role was to help Transmission Owner coordinate transmission outages and at the same time foresee and communicate potential congestions on the transmission grid to the Reliable Engineers and Dispatchers.  He currently works as a Power System Engineer in the model management department, helping to maintain and keep the TNA and EMS model up to date.

Rigo first heard of EPCE was when PJM invited WPI to come and introduce their programs. “I wanted to pursue a Master’s degree but felt that it was going to be impossible to pursue his dream while working full time.” When WPI came to PJM, he realized that his dreams in getting my master’s degree could become a reality. Especially when WPI explained that he could study in his own time. At the beginning he was unsure how the online teach was going to work but went with the flow and learned that the WPI professors dedicate a lot of time to the on-line students and make sure that they understand the material through my program.

“This was my first time enrolling in an online program; at the beginning I was nervous in enrolling because I was used to have one on one meetings with professors.”  The online programs were new for him, but WPI does an amazing job in making it an easy transition for students used to an on-campus education experience. “Professors are devoted to students and anytime I had a question I was even able to call the professors. “

The knowledge he gained through the program has helped him understand many things from the business process to the technical aspect. “I believe this degree will help to be more confident in any changes or challenges that will take me out of my comfort zone.”  When asked if he would recommend the program to others, he replied, “I would definitely recommend this program to any working individual seeking to get their graduate degree.”