Power Systems Engineering Certificate

The Power Systems Engineering Certificate at Clemson University consists of three classes in the areas of power engineering, power systems analysis, and electric machines. This certificate program requires a basic knowledge of DC and AC circuit theory including Kirchhoff’s Laws, complex frequency, and Laplace transforms.

Individuals without a basic knowledge of DC and AC circuit theory can complete appropriate coursework (e.g., ECE 3070 – Basic Electrical Engineering or ECE 2020 – Electric Circuits I and ECE 2620 – Electric Circuits II).

Ann Randazo
Director, CEWD

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Power Systems Engineering Certificate Courses:

  • ECE 3600 Electric Power Engineering
  • ECE 4180 Power System Analysis
  • ECE 4190 Electric Machines and Drives
A grade of C of better is required for all courses that are part of the certificate program.

Instructions on how to apply for the Power Systems Engineering Certificate 

Please note: The application is for students who wish to enroll in the certificate programs, but do not wish to pursue a degree and are not currently enrolled at another institution.

The Clemson University EPCE / EE Program has been a very positive experience – you can apply online, get accepted online, and start registering for classes. The fact that there were online engineering courses offered by an institution the caliber of Clemson University clinched the deal for me.”

– Greg Cizin